Wednesday 23 November 2016

Exhaustive Reviews & Giveaway of a Drool-Worthy Product Range from 'ORGANICA'

Life is a precious gift from Almighty and to take utmost care of it is the best form of gratification we can give him. Though I learnt it the hard way, after being really unwell for years, I am glad I eventually gave up my lethargy and now constantly yearn to find the best for the good health of my family as well as myself. In my quest, I have often come across some really impeccable products and I have now decided to bring it across to you.

Thus, exclusively for my Readers of Health and Fitness section on Truly Yours Roma, today I bring to you exhaustive reviews of a Premium Organic food brand I have been using for over two years ~ ORGANICA. And if fitness and eating the right food to stay strong and  healthy for decades is your health mantra, you must not miss this.

My first rendezvous with Organica happened at Delhi Airport DutyFree about a couple of years back out of sheer curiosity and my love for Green Tea which made me pick up it's fancy green tea packs that were exhibiting myriad flavors. The combinations offered were intriguing and passionately I stuffed them in my bag.

I remember there were Organic Tulsi, Cardomom, Masala and Authentic Green Tea flavors that I picked and much to my delight, the taste was one of the best I have tasted till date and it truly satiated my soul. Every single tea bag gave me the health benefits of two big mugs of green tea that too of a flavour of my choice. This proved to be absolute bliss for a green tea addict like me and when my stock was about to get over I frantically searched online to get my hands on some more of it.

This is when I landed on their website, Going through the website was indeed a revelation to me in umpteen ways. First other the awesome teabags they also sell Authentic Olive Oil Pickles, forest fresh organic honey as well as spices and festive colors. Second each of their products is made of premium quality ingredients grown in their own indigenous chemical free farms and offers multiple health benefits. I use them all and vouch by the perfect blend and optimal taste of all of them.

Let me begin with my favorite:


It comes shrink wrapped in a pretty pink box and contains 25 tea bags. I either pour boiling water on it and let it infuse for a couple of minutes or alternatively put the tea bag in a big mug of water and hear it in microwave for one fill minute. It tastes awesome both ways and it's mesmerising aroma fills your space with a lot of freshness and positivity during any hour of the day. I normally use one tea bag for 2 mugs of Green Tea.

Medically these tea bags are constituted of ingredients which are rich in iron and calcium. They help in improving our blood circulation and stomach performance. All flavors of Organica green teas are also known to strengthen our immunity.

Priced around INR 169 for this pack of 25 Tea Bags, this organic product is truly a steal deal. You can find many other flavors on their website and across leading retails stores like Modern Bazaars, Nature's Basket etc.

If you like brewing them, you may opt for  LOOSE TEA which are equally a treat to our body and soul.


I have a fetish for pickles and Organica's hot selling healthy pickles satiate my cravings like never before. I have never come across a pickle range who know how just to add the optimum amount of spices and olive oil to the pickle to keep the taste of the ingredients alive. You can mark my words for these ones, they are absolutely drool-worthy.

They come in a glass container to keep their freshness intact and are priced at INR 99 which is truly value for money not forgetting that they are olive oil based pickles.


 Can't deny the fact that genuine honey has unparalleled health benefits. Having it in a cup of warm milk every morn, keeps me energetic in my everyday juggles as a working mom and wife. ORGANICA aids in my well being by getting the best always and can I be more indebted to them for this.

At INR 249 it is a little heavy on pocket though but everything valuable comes at a price and this seems fair for the Labour in collecting nothing less then the best for us.

Lately, Organica has introduced a Lovely Exotic Honey Range where the qualities of honey are further accentuated by infusing powerful herbs like TULSI, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger. I have used these and have found it unparalleled.Just a cup of Organica Green Tea with the Infused Honey has rid me of extreme cold the other day. I wish this product is available for sale in India too soon and I don't have to fetch it from Dutyfree or abroad.

This is not a sponsored post guys and I am writing this post for one the products are awesome and second I think the organization lacks the due visibility and it's goodness is to be brought to the world. I met it's founder just few days back on a flight and his Noble ambitions in bringing forth this chain, made me do this. He was really ecstatic to know how I loved his products and shared his vision with me. It was a real pleasure to know that Organica started it's our chemical pesticides free farms in 2008 and sales of the products commenced in 2013.


If you are the one who like my mom smells every single spice to test its credibility, these are already tested by a veteran in my home.Organica has a huge gamete of them . They are very optimally priced too, you can grab them all here without a doubt.

Shipping for an order above ONE 500 is free.


They also sell colors  made or organic products strictly making them safe and thus brings in a sense of rejoice in the Indian festivals without the least fear.


Of everything, I am so much in love with their gift boxes ideal to be given to anyone and every one with or without an occasion.

Organica products are also available on Amazon in India and Globally. You can also purchase them conveniently from Snapdeal, Craftsvila and their own website.

Ans here's a surprise for all of you. We will like to know from you which of the above products you find absolutely indispensable for you and we will Gratify 3 best answers with Cool Hampers from Organica.

The Giveaway is open internationally on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and G+ handles. All the Best Guys, Rock it :) :)
The Winners of this Giveaway are Kashifah Shaikh and Kavita Nayak. Their Winning Hampers shall be despatched to them directly by the brand. 

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