Wednesday 26 October 2016

I Invite You to Watch ABC - An Inspirational Short Film with A Purpose

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Money we can amass by heaps but does it bring equal happiness too. NOT necessarily, then how can we get happiness or rather how can we assimilate what true happiness is? For me happiness is a state of mind and our own perception of our well being. When we cease to indulge in unnecessary expectation and focus on our karma, I guess we reach a state of satiation and become happy.
Friends, feel proud to present to you a Special Invite for a Strong and With a Purpose Short Film produced by a dear friend Shajan Samuel. The film titled 'ABC' is about a young inspirational boy whose dad has left for the heavenly abode and who was a fourth grade dropout but that never deters his confidence, knowledge seeking ability and ambition..This young lad is charismatic and knows the mantra for real happiness.  The story unfolds beautifully as he meets a young entrepreneur teaching us crisply some worthy lessons of life.

Meaningful cinema has always impacted me deeply and it is great to see Short Films Genre rising to the occasion and doing a stupendous job in reaching minds and hearts. This 15 minute movie directed by Madan Ram Venkatesh and produced by Shajan Samuel Productions is undoubtedly a perfect example of the same and no wonder it is garnering an overwhelming response from the viewers and critic alike.

ABC: Produced By 'Shanjan Samuel Productions"

Here's what Shajan Samuel wrote to us:

Pleasure connecting with the Readers of Straight From The Heart. Friends, I recently produced one of the costliest self funded short films in recent times ABC. I made the film to usher in a new paradigm in new short film making . My bread & butter doesn't come from making films , therefore I make cinema to bring socially relevant messages to the forefront , in other words issues which needs to reach out to a wider audience or needs immediate attention . I find cinema a compelling medium which can transcend geography . I would request that if you can devote 16 minutes of your precious time and watch the film & if you do like please do share it with your friends we can only but spread happiness and the message of optimism around. 

This short films candidly essays how for some people life is about triumph against all odds while for some life is only about complexities. Some walk through this road aimlessly and some; actually become the bridge. ABC is a short film that showcases the dichotomy between two extreme yet simple individuals. It is an empowering film which has the dexterity & optimism to resonate amongst all sections of audience. As humans, we do tend to forget that we are but one world than just mere economy, that it can just take one human, just one moment, just one action to turn around the paths of millions. ABC is just a sweet gentle reminder of this thought.

Kudos to the Producers of this film who are both senior professionals for self funding this short film to get their message known to the world. They lovingly call it a feature film as all the technical aspects of the film are at par with Commercial cinema. The protagonists look adorable and the scenes are profoundly weaved to keep us hooked and simultaneously think.The two characters are impeccably portrayed by Shruthi Hariharan and Master Shahbaaz Saleem who make us fall in love with them almost instantaneously. Story is quite fresh and exhibits great shades of humanity.

I have found ABC hugely impressive for its finesse in its modus operandi and would request all my readers to watch this too and take home sheer happiness. Why wait, you can now watch the screening of this wonderful film right here on your favorite blog by clicking below. Made ‘Straight From The Heart’, this cute flick is definitely worth a watch and if like me you find it really worthy, do share it with your family and friends. After all happiness is meant to be shared.

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