Thursday 5 March 2015

My Happy Adorable Baby : Absolute Contentment to Mamma's Heart

A. Dry Baby, happy Baby

Hello Darlings!!

Today would love to share with you, some lovely moments of my Motherhood Diary....Bringing to you a glimpse of the lovely things that make my tiny prince those are the moments of absolute joy and satisfaction to a mommy's heart and make my life beautiful...want to etch the imprints of these blissful together happy times on my heart, forever <3

Of course the prerequisite for my cute little sonny to spread his adorable grin are he must be comfortable...His tommy must be full and he must be dry and for this I ensure to be disciplined with his feed timings and that he wears the best quality diapers always....My Trust for Diapers earnestly are Pampers Baby Pants for I trust their Magic Gel Technology immensely...not even at one occasion has my delicate darling, developed a diaper rash or got wet inside and gets up like smilingly exactly like the baby in the Lovely commercial of pampers embedded below:

When he is full and dry, my little sonny is quite a gentleman actually :D.....And always loves to keep himself engaged.....Thinks that make him utmost happy are :

1. Chatting with Daddy Darling : Playing with dad when he is back from work,elates my little wonder the most...I love the way he always welcomes his dad with a lot of excitement and a smile, as wide as river Nile...I see them talking softly thereafter,with my little one cooing in consent...Seems like some serious man-to-man talk :)

B. Love You Dad

2.  He loves outings : This is one sure thing that makes my baby happy...yeah, at his tender age,he is quite a party animal and loves to dine out and mingle....His adorable activities on the outside are watch-worthy and I am always ready with my cameras to record these priceless ensure he strolls out with us often.

C. Yo! I love to Party!

3.Absolutely enthralled by Excitement: He is so so Happy to be thrown up in the air and caught back, he laughs and giggles at the excitement without fearing a bit...Bestest possible example of Pure Innocence and Trust...We get tired but his excitement and happiness doesn't last...I know it gives me pleasure beyond compare....

D. I also love to fly up like a Balloon

4.Overjoyed to observe things:   My little buddy keeps gazing at his toys for minutes as if he is communicating with them and smiles occasionally too...To  the best of my abilities, I fail to understand , what internal happiness he gets by so keenly observing a toy or by gazing at the newspapers...My little wonder takes me by surprise in this... Everything I see him so focused on a toy, I smile to myself, without actually a real reason though..."I do believe the little ones are expanding their views about the world, through this."

E. I am Einstein in Making :)

5.Cuddling Times with Mommy Dearest : And undoubtedly he is the happiest when I cuddle him and Rock him in my arms...He is full of smiles and his eyes twinkle and trust me nothing is more pleasing to me in this world, than to see my beloved sonny super-elated...No matter how stressful the day has been, or how vicious life's circumstances are, that innocent smile, is capable of washing all worries away...

F.My Mom is the Best

Words fail me to describe the extreme joy and contentment I drive from my Baby's Happiness....Motherhood Indeed is so so beautiful and satiating ...

My Happy Baby undoubtedly is My Bundle of Joy !! Wish the list of things that makes him happy keep multiplying, today and always <3 May all the years that come along, remain in your heart like a song <3

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A: Indiblogger, Pamper Baby Dry Pants
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