Sunday 15 March 2015

Adding Lustre to my Life by Adding Lustre to my Hair: " Garnier Fructis Happy Hair Challenge - The Concluding Volume"

Woohoo! Hola Lovelies,

I am on Cloud 9...basking in the Glory of Ecstatic Joy...I have regained my Lovely Admirable Hair....Words fail me to express my Gratitude to Garnier Fructis India Team to conceptualise the awesome, the rocking, the meaningful #HappyHair Challenge...Here I bring to you sweets, Straight from the Heart, my week on week hair enrichment analysis through using the GARNIER FRUCTIS TRIPLE NUTRITION Hair Shampoo and Conditioner by +Garnier Fructis India ....This is a concluding volume of my earlier post where  you would recall, I spoke about my hair concerns  and rated "The Twin Wonder" (Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner) as I call them now, prima facie on it's aesthetics.....Do read both posts together, to get the best assessment of this trial-worthy Combo....

Unlike most other women my age, I prefer shoulder to middle lengths in hair which I style in different ways on different days...What I love is they must portray a soft bouncy dark and rich feel...unfortunately last couple of years stress, of harmonal changes related to motherhood and pollution has left my dream unfulfilled...but not anymore, as I truly believe I am the right track now...I have used the newly launched Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner  thrice a week over last 30 days and "The Twin Wonder" has already started to work wonders for my hair...I enumerate below the effects week on week on the important hair related parameters:

1.Nourishment and Strength: After using it for the first week, my otherwise little dull hair looked subtly nourished as if they have received the most vital ingredients for their long Life...and than over week 2, week3 and week4, I found them growing stronger and stronger and regaining the same vigour I flaunted some years back.

 2.Hair Texture and Softness: My hair which looked brittle sometime back appear thick undoubtedly after 4 weeks toda and I am optimistic with the usage of this "Twin Wonder" they are going to bebe better and better each day....What is praiseworthy is the softness they have imparted to my hair almost as if I am touching silk...something I have always longed for...and I really love dit when my little sonny who has a habit of playing with my locks in bed before going to sleep, felt this change for the good, and complemented me, "Mamma, your hair are so soft" , with a grin :)

3.Hair Loss and Split Ends: I never had hair loss or split ends but what I can say is that this super combo has accelerated my hair growth...earlier the growth over a 30 days span was almost very little which has definitely improved over the last 30 days and yes I believe, strong healthy hair will be least susceptible to split ends...

4.Managability and Detangling: Being a multi-tasking working mom, I simply can't affort to miss on this point for I barely get time to caress my hair and am always on the run...Wish to confess that using this "Twin Wonder", I hair has become so very manageable now and since I leave them conditioner soaked for few minutes, they detangle much much less now..and week on week, this is improving..

5. Hair Sheen and Overall Feel: Using these Twin products over a strict regime of thrice a week, I am extremely elated and proud to regain the lost sheen in my hair...Adding Lustre to my Hair is like adding Lustre to my Life and their could not have been a better way to do so....The overall feel of my hair has remarkably improved and they now feel astoudingly beautiful and silky..This multiples my confidence for I feel beautiful from within...

These are not, just my observations,folks, but my friends and relatives have also endorsed my observations.... last week I celebrated my son's sixth Bday and was flooded with such lovely compliments from the friends about my shining admirable hair that i was blushing but was extremely elated within ....even my husband who returned from a month long tour, noticed the welcome changes in my hair....Well, if this is the situation by using my "TWIN HAIRCARE WONDER FROM GARNIER" for a month, I really really look forward to the positive effects of using them for a long term....

So, sweets, this was my unbiased take on my experience in #HappyHairChallenge which has left no stone unturned to actually make my hair happy :) They now hop and bounce and showcase their awesome sheen with proud <3 <3

I recommend GARNIER FRUCTIS TRIPLE NUTRITION Hair Shampoo and Conditioner- My TWIN WONDER strongly and rate it a Magificent 9 on 10 based on my Happy Hair experience...................Truly Yours Roma

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