Wednesday 24 September 2014

A Tribute to My Mom (POEM)

With all my respect n love, Expressing my Heartfelt Emotion for the greatest Relation on Earth  Dedicated to my MOM n all the MOMS of the World 

"Thankyou dear mamma,

For not only giving me life
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile

For not only teaching me how to walk
But also, how to tred life's most difficult paths

For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts
But also, the deep strength to fight no matter what cicumstances befall

For not only hugging me whenever I fall
But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart

Whatever I am today is only because of you,
Dear mamma, thankyou......

Though I lost you quite early,
Deep down in my heart,till today I cherish your fond memories,

Rearing my child,exactly like you taught me...
Thankyou, dear mummy......"

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