Sunday, 25 December 2016

Common Man, Sorry Common Woman Review of Aamir Khan's Movie 'Dangal'

Earnestly I am not a very learned film critic, judging and weighing the technicalities to the core, but a person who shall not conceal her emotions on anything under the sun which is worth an expression straight from the heart, whose goodness needs to be shared to illuminate more hearts…

And today post I watched the movie ‘Dangal’ my heart was overwhelmed with abundant praise for this par excellence film casting Aamir Khan in a never seen before avatar. The story is beautifully weaved, doesn't let you leave it for a second and the message it carries is conveyed impeccably. Such movies are a boon to mankind for they focus on being the face of change in the Indian society.

Naturally as it's based on Wrestling it's comparison with the latest Salman Starrer Sultan is but obvious but if you ask me there is no comparison as if you go seeking some Bollywood masala in this film, you shall be greatly disappointed. This is purely an inspirational movie dealing concretely with a sensitive subject without unnecessary dramatisation or round the tree love songs of even a love angle.

I have always loved and respected Aamir for all the humanity his persona exudes apart from his unparalleled personal charm but his role in 'Dangal' of a pot bellied Dad of 3 girls who has wished for a male child to complete his unfulfilled dream of getting an Olympic Gold for India has brought forth his urge to bring forth meaningful cinema incredibly. Undeniably he has craved for perfection in this role too and I am sure his soul is satiated that he has pulled through it so well. Need I say his performances are truly above all awards. Sakshi Kanwar beautifully complements his acting prowess with her role as his wife while Fatima Sana Sheikh who is casted as their elder daughter, maintains the neutral demeanour of a wrestler.

This movie beautifully portrays shades of a dad who is a hard taskmaster while training his two damsels for Dangal with boys in daytime but at night caresses their wounds with wet eyes and eventually proves to the world that a girl child is no less than a boy. Revealing further about it, shall steal its charm and I shall not steal the opportunity of watching this great 2 hrs 30 minutes social extravaganza from you. For me, it was so heartening to watch this lovely flick and I recommend it to everyone. It surely touches more vibes than one…that of a parent, of a simple villager daughter who has the onus of fulfilling her dad’s dreams, of a sports person, of young girls learning the value of discipline the hard way and many more.

Truly Yours Roma rates it a full 5/5 for its power of delivering a great message with great sensitivity and perfection, to the Indian masses.
                                Copyright ©2016 Roma Gupta Sinha 

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

12 Things Only Epilator Users Will Know

For our Lovely Readers of the Beauty Section on Truly Yours Roma, if our ardent effort to bring to you nothing less than the global best, we today bring you a Peeka-A-boo to world's best epilators of Braun.

Braun lets you in on the secret  things only seasoned epilator  users know…

We dare you to make the switch and see for yourself. Warning,  side effects  include  experiencing non-stop beautifully smooth, silky skin that you wont be able to keep your hands off!

 01. Its addictive.

Yes, really. It unveils baby soft, smooth skin like you havent  experienced since pre-puberty - all at the press of a button. And once you start, you’ll find yourself  scheduling regular dates in your diary to keep it feeling super smooth around  the clock!

   02. There are no in-between days.

Yup, you heard right. It catches even the teeny weeny hairs. 0.5mm to be precise.  Thats 4 x shorter  than waxing   without the regrowth period, or the price tag, or the mess…

03....and It's Long Lasting.

That coveted smoooooth feeling genuinely  lasts, seriously. Cue gasps of shock  from your girlfriends when they have a feel of your smooth skin 4 weeks1 on, and you reply with the name of your beloved epilator  - Braun Silk-épil  9 SkinSpa2 in lieu of your monthly salon appointment when they ask your secret.

04.News Alert, You can get Quality Results from the Comfort of your home

There are no cons, only fuss free, quick  and easy hair removal  - and even better,  you can expect lighter and less noticeable hair regrowth with continued use. We’re SOLD.

05. Its Helping you become more Financially Savvy

All the money you’ve  saved from cancelling regular waxing  appointments can be spent saving for your future or that dress you were lusting  after; or that lipstick, or that handbag
The Moral of the story is: the cost of 1 x epilator  means you need 0 x salon waxing  appointments = more money for you at the end of each month, without compromising on smoothness or convenience. #Winning

06. Your  wardrobe  forecast is smooth  legs  &  body  with  a  chance of  [sunshine / rain / wind].

The elements  are the only thing informing your outfit  choice  and not your grooming (or lack of!).

07. In terms of Pain, Epilation is not that bad at all.

In fact, Braun Silk-épil  epilators have a clever massage attachment for gentler epilation, and you can totally epilate in the bath or shower too. Warm water = relaxed and soothed skin = less discomfort for you! As a total pro, epilation is now virtually painless = you’re totally hooked  and theres no turning back, ever. #teamepilation

08. Its not just for legs.

Oh no. Its a hard working beauty multi-tasker3 that every woman  needs in her grooming arsenal. It can also be used on underarms, arms, face and the bikini area.3  Hello head-to-toe satin skin!

09. Its suitable for all Women and All Skin Types.

Thats right sensitive  types, this is user friendly  for you, too! With two speed modes  available,  its been crafted for women  to select from speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, and speed 2 for extra efficient epilation. Simply switch on, hold at a 90 degree angle to the body  part you’re  epilating, slowly glide against  the direction of the hair growth and et voila, fuzz-free  skin in an instant!

With two speed modes  available,  its been crafted for women  to select from speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, and speed 2 for extra efficient epilation. Simply switch on, hold at a 90 degree angle t
10. It appeals to the Women inside each one of us...

...who likes to stay in control of her appearance at all times. Its guaranteed thorough hair removal  and prevents pesky ingrown hairs, thanks to its sophisticated design. Braun Silk-épil  9 SkinSpa2 includes Brauns  most efficient epilator4 to date alongside two exfoliation brushes - including the NEW Deep Exfoliation  Brush which provides 6x5 better exfoliation vs. a manual exfoliation scrub alone. One word.  Sweeeeet.

11. Its a Hair Removal Device + Confidence Booster in One.

You’re able to have beautifully smooth, silky skin at the press of a button - with long lasting results and importantly, when it suits you. Hello confidence boost and that accompanying spring-in-your-step your sister / BFF / boyfriend / Mum has noticed.

12. It's Jessica Alba's Chosen Method of Hair Removal.

... and hey, you’re  tight (code for you’ve  read an amazing beauty interview with her and know shes pro-epilation). If its good enough for Jessicas pins, then its good enough for you!

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Braun, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble founded in Germany in 1921, develops and manufactures a wide variety of small domestic appliances that marry technical innovation, reliable quality and distinctive design. These range from electric shavers and beauty products to hair care appliances. Braun products enjoy worldwide distribution.