Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Writer's most significant Tool: A First Hand Review of Matrikas Paper Products

Good Morning Folks,

As a Writer of 15 years, It is absolutely imperative for me to have my tool kitty as most User-friendly and Impressive...I am that way,nothing less than perfect can please me....Specially about my Pens and my Paper Stationary....

So Recently when my eyes fell upon, some lovely paper Products from MATRIKAS especially, some Lovely diaries, I couldn't resist trying out a couple or more of them...Though I was initially spell bound by it's aesthetic appeal, over it's usage for a couple of months' span , I figured out they were of exceptional Quality too...Definitely Worth an expression Straight From the Heart....

 My Dairy is undoubtedly my World and MATRIKAS Team, have ensured they keep my world beautiful and Compact...

Aesthetic/Attributes/Product Quality

Yes, the first product I tried, is called a Mahatma Gandhi Journal (JRNL-STD-GANDHIJI), and it is absolutely adorable in all respects...I loved the overall embossed outer cover which stole my heart, as I am a die-hard Fan of Bapu..The Eye Soothing Colour Textures are Impressive beyond Doubt...It's Simplicity inside gave my heart the freedom to let my thoughts ooze out unperturbed, without getting disturbed by any Flashy print... It's Thickness and Height are just apt to fit my Port-Folio Bag Perfectly...All in all I found this product extremely recommendable for writers, fellow Bloggers and intellectuals of Similar Genre...

The second Product , is an admirable Multipurpose Premium Notebook(CW-RB-A5-YELLOW), which can be used across all age groups, By all Groups of People, with equal ease...It is in a catchy yellow colour and shall be perfect for the Style Kitty of Current Generation Fashionistas and even for Students as it appealed hugely to my son, who jumped over it at it's  First Glance...It is optimally Sized, compact, ethereal in overall Design and has a Mass Appeal..It's matty Finish is Hard-laminated and bound with a Matching Black Spiral..Full Marks again on aesthetic Appeal.

Another Cute Pick of mine, from the Matrikas Kitty is a small Compact Coral Green Planner called (CW-P-JRNL-A6+ -GREEN), which is an ideal fit for all my Handbags and purses , to contain all the information desired on the move, at one safe place.As a multitasking working mother, I am often on my run for time and this little diary will be my most important tool to jot down all important information, while moving from one place to Another In a Haste...whether it be my account summary, or important contacts, my too list to help me priotise, or a write quick note, as creative thoughts appear in my head, often at awkward moments...As a writer, it is my mini world of thoughts, where I cam scribble my heart away an which makes an absolutely indispensable part of my Style Kitty...It's Simple looks n unique colour blends so perfectly with my persona, I really loved this one too..

Pricing and Durability

The Prices of the above three Products are as follows:
JRNL-STD-GANDHIJI - Rs.215.00 CW-RB-A5-YELLOW - Rs.110.00
CW-P-JRNL-A6+-GREEN - Rs.270.00
While this may appear to be slightly overpriced, I discovered through their usage for about a couple of months, that the extraordinary durability of the product justifies the cost eventually.Also,they use Hi-Brite Maplitho paper which is again the best in class indeed!


These awesome products are listed on Flipkart and you will soon find them there, Till than you can access www.matrikas.co.in and 
 to get in touch with the always ready to help Team.

I trust you found the holistic review of the above three awesome products of Matrikas useful. All these 3 Premium products from Matrikas also make an Ideal Gifting Choice...As I believe presenting this to your Friends and Loved Ones will silently advocate your love n faith in their Progress....All in all, they are,brilliantly conceptualized and designed Products from Matrikas of Excellent Quality, definitely worth a Try ....
                     I rate them 4.5 on a scale of 5....TrulyYoursRoma

Monday, 29 September 2014

BEST BARGAIN HUNTING WEBSITE : A First hand Review of FreeKaaMaal.com

Heya My Lovely Readers,

As I have always promised you, I only write to you when something is really worth an expression Straight From The Heart...

In my latest Blog-Post, bringing in to you a First Hand Review of undoubtedly my most Favorite Bargain Hunting Website called FreeKaaMaal.com ,again,  Straight From the Heart ....

As a Multitasking Working Mom and a busy blogger,  I am often on a run for time.In such a scenario, it gets physically very taxing to go out and Shop and so I have become an ultimate Online Shopping Fanatic but a SMART one indeed..

And SMART because I love to spend my earnings wisely in the best deals across different online retail chains and so I am proud to be associated with the ultimate BARGAIN HUNTING Website for last 4 years..Yes Ladies and Gentleman, I take pride in introducing you to FreeKaaMaal.com , an INCOMPARABLE online ONE STOP Destination for the Best Offers, Deals, and Discounts, about Contests, Giveaways and Freebies at 450+ E commerce Chains...You name it dears and they have partnered it, May it be Flipkart, Myntra, Yatra.com, Dominos or any other of your choice...They are all here.
Isn't this thus the SMARTEST OPTION in our E-World....

This saves me Crazy amount of time in visiting different portals and hunting one by one.An icing on the cake is , you can earn cashback while shopping from your favourite site thru' the Coupon Store at this lovely destination.. So what are you waiting for , log on to  FreeKaaMaal.com, sign in and get started with the best online Portal for all your Bargain Needs...

They have a very very wide gamete of Categories and include almost everything in their Product Kitty..Right from Travel to Mobiles, to books, to apparels to health and beauty products etc..You can easily navigate through their drop-down menus to reach the product of your choice..

Tantadan, and if you think, that is all about it, you are mistaken friends, they have a BIGGER SURPRISE in store for you.You can earn FKM Reward Points from the FKM Reward Store by posting relevant Contests/ Freebies/ Deals etc related information in their Forums...You may than shop using the points thus earned from FKM Reward Store from your favourite E-Chain ABSOLUTELY FREE !!

Based on my experience I Know they are a v approachable Team, you may contact them through the contact us category of their Website  FreeKaaMaal.com

Or through their Most Interactive Facebook Page

Or Through Their Admirable Twitter Handle

Or Add Them them to your Google Circles

I assure you you will undoubtedly get the best answer with them...And if you want to get informed about the excellent discount and offers in your inbox, subscribe to DEAL ALERT from their Home Page..This way I save a lot of my valuable time, to spend it with mt 4 year old little boy..What else can we Desire Folk...We practically get every single leverage from them...No wonder they have more than 62 lakhs hits on their website in a month.

My most Favourite Website recently turned 4 and here is a sweet note of Gratitude for them from their most Ardent Fan in Me..

Dear  FreeKaaMaal.com Team,

Here is a  honest 4th Birthday Wish to you,  undoubtedly from my heart deep,

You are Indeed my Admiration and pride of our nation,

I am touched by the  extreme Hardwork, you put in your website n  extraordinary passion,

Words fail me to express what an ardent Fan I am of yours,

Always aiding me  to pick best dealsand freebies ,for my loved ones, one and all,

You genuinely deserve this  Adulation,

Today as you Turn 4,

Deep Appreciation Oozes out for you from my heart’s core,

That Dear FreeKaaMaal Team,

Like yesterday, today n tomorrow, 

May you Forever Rock !!!!

This was truly meant for FreeKaaMaal.com Team, Straight From my Heart.

 Below is a Sneak Peak of how this Admirable Portal Looks Like, It's awesome features, User-Friendly Navigations and wide Range of Categories..

The Ultimate Bargain Hunting Destination

The Awesome Coupon Store

MY Den for Free Shopping thru' FKM Reward Store

Crazy List of Shopping Categories

Easy Contact Access/Also Present on All Social Media

The Time Saver Deal Alert

Yes, most truly, In my opinion, FreeKaaMaal.com is a unique Amalgamation of offers n discount info on All our Needs under one roof...An ULTIMATE DESTINATION for all of us, SMART ONLINE SHOPPING ENTHUSIASTS...As a critical reviewer and Blogger and also as it's long-time user, I recommend you this awesome website...You will surely Love it beyond doubt. Do take a Glance Once and I am sure you will get addicted to it like I am, for the last 4 years!!! ...TrulyYoursRoma

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Blissful Motherhood: The Birth of a Mother( A Soulful Tale)

All you lovely People out there!!

Today, Sharing with you the most precious chapter of my life <3 <3

Some feeling are extremely special to us girls....

Such as the news of coming to know I am soon gonna be called "Mamma"....the moment I heard it,  it tinkled my soul, and my heart was swollen out of pure crazy happiness...I did not realize I was smiling but I actually was..."That day a Mother was born in Me"...many months before My baby was ...I felt so so beautiful that day...That day also started my sweet little fantasies of being a MAMMAMIA

Giving my baby within a Sunbath
Pouring out to you, those memorable moments, Straight From the heart...

Gradually I nurtured this delicate mom in me, with every passing day with tender care...I appeared hard outwardly at office and work, but I was v soft n gentle to the little life inside me...I spoke to the mom in me each day and made a promise to her that I will not let the cruel circumstances affect my devotion to the cutest soul developing within Me...

The Professional in me, made me travel more than a 100 kms each day to my suppliers, standing on the shop floor for hours, giving the toughest of the manufacturing decisions ....but the delicate mom in me,still had her heart in the little buddy inside her..she sat on pillows while travelling, to give her baby least jerks...ate at necessary intervals to keep my baby get timely adequate nourishment.

I always told my baby from Day One that her mamma would always give him/her the best but also communicated the circumstances she was in , for long hours....These interactions strengthened the mom in me and made the bonding between us so so strong, even before his/her birth...In My Womb, I carried my baby to Thailand, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and Germany for various meetings and so even before coming into the world, my child knew life is tough but how to stay strong, a trait I always wanted to pass on to my baby....

Despite of being extremely busy, I kept great care of the new mom in me..For like any other would be mom, she was extremely vulnerable as her amniotic Fluid was 2.5 times the Normal..Nevertheless, I kept her v Strong....I still remember once at 6.5 months of gestation, baby movement stopped and the gynae gave the harsh verdict that if the movement did not came back immediately, she will be left with no option but to conduct a C-Section ....But I did not panic and immediately chose to speak to my child inside me,running my hand over him(my tommy) with lots of love ..I told him, "Hey Kid! You are a Fighter, Mamma knows it, C'mon stop sleeping, Show Mom n dad how you dance" and in next few seconds he gave me a hard Kick and I knew my Rockstar has assimilated, whatever mamma has told him for so many months...I smiled with tears rolling down my eyes..Words fail me to describe that moment in words...It was my rebirth as a mom...
Pic taken when my baby has completed
4 months inside me

We shopped together, always stayed together and snacked together always obviously...Our last celebration before his birth was celebrating Valentine's day at Delhi-Haat on 14th Feb and chatting for long hours...Mommy n Baby continued with their awsum journey.....I kept inflating but always feeling more and more pretty inside working hard really hard even a few hours before his birth.....Yes, It was time for him to come into the world, a little Preterm Though....On my flight back from Frankfurt, my Water-Bag burst and I was Ambulance Lifted to Appolo Birthing Boutique in Gurgaon...It was around 7 in the morn...My Gynae was out of town and the other gynae their was of a different temperament...Her continuous screaming that she is not getting the heartbeat of the baby was enough to give me a nervous breakdown but no , the mom in me shouted out loud, that you go ahead and do the C-Section..

In minutes from than, I heard "Roma, it's a Baby Boy" perfectly hale and hearty...ohhhhh, how Ecstatic I felt....My face was washed by a mom's pure tears of divine joy...They draped my baby and showed him to me in the sunlight..He looked like an angel, my angel sent straight from God..The doc said, "You may now kiss the baby!" , I touched my tiny soul for the first time but felt I had known him for a lifetime..I was proud so proud to be a Mom...and still am...
Finally he arrived 

The Point that I wish to make is, it is absolutely on us, how to mould the most blissful period of your life...The fact is , it is all in your head Darling....What I believe in, are the Emotional Do's and don't s of pregnancy.....

In my Opinion, the Biggest Do is to remain emotionally strong and happy for your mental state gets exponentially transferred to your little buddy inside you...For those 9 months, you are his absolute world....Stay Positive for your panic can cause an emotional upheaval for the little soul too...Speak to him/her within you from very start and Remember to Pamper the sweet Mom in you and tell her she is the strongest Mom in the World..If you are working, adequate planning in advance is the key, my dears....A strict DON'T is Stress and Over-worrying about the things going wrong, which may happen sometimes, but you can work out a solution if you are emotionally stable..Enjoy the Motherhood every pence..Trust Your Motherly Instincts always and Stay Blessed.

Trust you enjoyed the Read, Incase you have any queries, you may write to me at roma.shobhit.sinha@gmail.com
                                                                                                               ....Truly Yours Roma

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A BirthDay Wish For India's Pride : My Admiration Sachin Tendulkar

A rarely Spoken Relation is that with our Admiration..We may have never met him but idolize him/her deep within our hearts...Our emotions often go unexpressed, unheard though....

For me that Admiration undoubtedly is : SACHIN TENDULKAR.

Words fail me to express, what he means for me ...I am probably one of the most ardent  fans of SACHIN TENDULKAR on this earth...I can't even recall, for how many years, ever since I was a v tiny girl,I have worshiped him, collected his posters which covered the tiniest corner of my room, watched every single ball he played n every single word he muttered in an interview.....Astonishingly (Smile), I prayed for him each day, wept when he got out and wished he never retired...My unprecedented Passion and Dedication for him continues till the present day...

So when I was shortlisted as one of the three writers whose personalized Bday Wish will be sent to GOD himself directly , I was ecstatic...Probably I became a writer for this very day.... Sharing with you ,a Bday Wish for him, my poetic composition, for his birthday,on behalf of all Indians... 

 "So Blessed I feel today,
For I have long cherished the desire to express my heart out to you, for years and not days;
And now I would really not let this opportunity go in vain,
My Dearest Sachin Sir, here comes your way,
A Heartfelt Birthday Wish, For your Forever Wellbeing, come what may.
“Wish you a very very Happy Birthday”

May All the Years that come along,
Remain in your Heart Like a Song

With a respectful heart, Wish you this day,
May your Magic and Glory always prevail,
May you get all the love and happiness of the world, every way

With Failing words, I express our gratitude to you, on behalf of every person of our Mother Nation,
For the extreme proud and glory you have brought us , far beyond recognition.

And thus we, your fellow countrymen , today,
On your 41st Birthday,
To you, A promise we make,
“ Our heads will always bow in reverence to your strive,
And we will always stand for you and our Mother Nation’s Pride,
For you symbolise a true Patriot,

Wish you a Perfect  Birthday, today and ever, MASTER BLASTER “

Hope u enjoyed the Read....TrulyYoursRoma

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Sweet Lil Note of Gratitude For My Bestest Friend Forever (POEM)

This is a Sweet Little Note Of Gratitude and Love for my BESTEST FRIEND FOREVER  

We Often Take our Friendship for Granted, and miss on felicitating n expressing our love to this,one of the most Pristine Form of Selfless Love and Togetherness, until our Friend goes away .... Don't Guys, it needs to nurtured like any other too  

So Reach out and Express your love to your Friends!

Here's a Poetic way to do so..... hope u Like it ......TrulyYoursRoma

Today for us, is a v Special Day,

N so today I felt a deep urge to say!

To you my best friend of decades,

That you are to me God’s gift bestest !

Undoubtedly your love for me,is the most precious,

Words fail me to express my gratitude to you,I can only say,

Beyond eternity I love you,

And this love is out of all the warmth,

You have showered unconditionally on me ,for so many years,

So much today I wish and pray,

That our friendship like this forever stays,

Growing,fonder n deeper each day "

A Cute Valentine Wish for My Love(Poem)

If Speaking your heart out is not your cup of tea, don't worry, write it down   ....

Here is a small little expression of love n gratitude to your loved ones on Valentine's Day   

Your partner will feel the warmth for him/her   coming STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART  .....TulyYoursRoma

A Tribute to My Mom (POEM)

With all my respect n love, Expressing my Heartfelt Emotion for the greatest Relation on Earth  Dedicated to my MOM n all the MOMS of the World 

"Thankyou dear mamma,

For not only giving me life
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile

For not only teaching me how to walk
But also, how to tred life's most difficult paths

For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts
But also, the deep strength to fight no matter what cicumstances befall

For not only hugging me whenever I fall
But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart

Whatever I am today is only because of you,
Dear mamma, thankyou......

Though I lost you quite early,
Deep down in my heart,till today I cherish your fond memories,

Rearing my child,exactly like you taught me...
Thankyou, dear mummy......"

Straight From the Readers' Hearts

Undoubtedly behind every writer, is the infinite love and Motivation of it's Readers..

In this Section, I bring to you the Genuine Words of my Readers about the BLOG, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, submitted on it's OFFICIAL FB Page :

Thankyou so much Folks, thankyou for giving me a piece of your Heart...






Thankyou again guys, for taking out time to write to me...TrulyYoursRoma

Monday, 22 September 2014

True Love is IMMORTAL : A Serine Love Story of 2 Chaddi-Buddies

Hey Folks!!

Thanks a ton for giving my Blog a Piece of your Heart!!

To be able to carve out a small niche in your heart through my writings is extremely satiating for me!!

In this blog post, I have chosen to share about Pure Love, Unfathomable Love, Immortal Love and Love being the Supreme Power through the medium of a story....

Here goes a Lovely Love Story of two adorable chaddi-buddies :)

"In a beautiful City of Northern India, lived two best Friends of a Lifetime.... Despite of being from different castes and culture,they were so close to each other that people swore by their Friendship....In due course of time they married two lovely girls and were blessed with a son and a daughter respectively, separated by 10 months difference in their ages...There was love and Happiness all around...The two cute kids were always together, right from playing in the mud , to their First Day at School...They shared everything , their toys and their cycles to some lovely fights, to which their mothers fondly laughed...All in All, my Chaddi-buddies and their Friendship Rocked....They always strolled together, hand in hand , it seemed as it they were were inseparable...But had things always be like one thought, no one would have ever believed in the Supreme Power called "GOD"...

When the two wonderful Kids were eleven,  they were thrown apart due to a strong argument between their dads which brought a crack in their friendship forever...This incident hurt the emotions of the two children and in a panicky frame to mind, they tried their level best to avert the situation, later giving in, to what their elders have decided for them.They now lived in different cities an often longed for each other...It really felt miserable to be snapped off from your closest friend leaving a huge void in your life..... but as said time is the best healer, in due course of time , they learnt to live without each other and marched ahead in their lives...

Little did they know that life had a beautiful surprise in store for them..On a Fateful day, after a lapse of 7 years, they met again, yes you heard it right, they met again...to be enrolled in the same engineering College and in the same Branch...They were destined to meet and this was God's biggest indication.Their fondness for each other now multiplied but so did the drift between our families....But love no boundaries whatsoever...

They were initial hesitant to profess their deep love for each other but love in it's purest form never needs a spoken expression and yes this story is about love which was never spoken but felt in the heart deep....They did not speak a word to each other but swore in their hearts to be soul-mates n companions to each other, even beyond eternity....This was the most beautiful phase of their lives...They were mesmerised and lived the dream, again strolling hand in hand, like their childhood days, almost inseparable....

It was now time to tie knot...but they both always felt that their marriage will not be complete without the blessings of their parents so they never got the thoughts of sprinting and marrying...The situation grew more painful with every growing day….They cannot find a way out until one day they decided they will not marry until they unite the two most loving families. And so the two Chaddi-buddies thought really hard and worked out a plan.....They weaved together all happy memories of all the yester years in a Big Album...and at a common friend's wedding presented an album of all those sweet memories to their parents stating that how all of them meant so much for each other and are so incomplete without each other...Tears rolled down their eyes, and all anguish, all resentment, got washed away in those tears of pure love...The two besties and their families were united again and this time forever and rest is history...My two love chaddi-buddies were married traditionally with loads of love and blessings from both the families.This is the power of true love.."

Yes, dear readers, though,words fail me to describe what true love is, but undoubtedly, for me true love is , what my partner, my Chaddi-Buddy has been showering on me unconditionally ever since our childhood......He has been my childhood buddy, my adolescent confidant , my love, my husband and most newly my baby's dad....though life really had an adversity for us at every step which we have bravely fought out and our immortal love has kept growing deeper with each passing year.I am so indebted to him and need nothing in the world save he..

I trust you enjoyed the read, would love to know, your take on PURE LOVE ............trulyyoursRoma

© [Roma Gupta Sinha][Straight From The Heart]2014]Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The True Tale of Destiny's Chosen Child : My little ANNA

Hey!! My lovely Readers!!

Greetings to you "Straight From The Heart",

Here I bring you " The Complete Journey of Destiny's Chosen Child : My little ANNA" In this blog-post , I have combined all the three Volumes of your lovely darling ANNA, to give you a more sumptuous read at one go and feel more closer to her....She is you, She is me, She is everyone whose life has been a Roller-Coaster yet it is beautiful...So here goes the tale of the Tiny Damsel, ANNA....and you would know in a while why I Choose to call her Destiny's Child.....

Though born to a thoughtful Banker Dad and a prudent Mom, my tiny damsel, was chosen to be tested right from her birth..A thought that I am even hurt to write was so pro for her Grand-mom...His dad being the eldest of 10 siblings ANNA was this generation's first child to be born in the family, but alas her Grand-mom was so Grief - struck to see her. She hated a Girl Child.....was being a mom of 6 daughters the reason???

And I fail to understand, how can a girl herself, also a mom of 6 lovely girls, despise another girl, that too her granddaughter to the extend that she told her son to dump her on a Dustbin  and remarry???

But Destiny wanted ANNA to survive n so did her admirable dad..he loved his daughter beyond eternity, picking her up in his arms, he challenged his mother,that one day he will make his daughter what none of the son's of his family had ever become...That very moment my Anna's dad n mom left her parental house forever with their tiny angel, who meant their world now...

Oblivious of the fact that how hard his parents worked in the initial years, my Princess bloomed in the most secure arms of her lovely mom, though not for very long indeed..

DESTINY has struck again...Anna's Dad had big plans for her right from the formative years..n he stressed it upon her, by relating to her inspirational stories of some really great man n women...But the first step to everything was good education, n so she was sent off to her maternal Grandparent's home, as the village in which her banker dad was posted lacked even the primary education.

Though very little, she really felt deep, the pain of being snipped off her Mother's lap, to be on her own, at a v tender age..No doubt her maternal aunts nurtured her quite well n this is where her right  foundation to always look ahead in life, was laid...Though her heart often longed for her mom, she has decided in her innocence that there was no looking back...She started finding solace in her studies n books became her biggest companion..

In some time, her little brother was born.She felt ecstatic but was not allowed to go near him as she was down with viral fever...She wanted to play with her tiny sibling but kept quiet(though she was by now quite a Happy go lucky girl) for she has now began to understand the circumstances....With the birth of her little bro, the number of visits of her parents to see her, diminished.This was natural, but not to her as a 5 year old..Her fears worsened when she visited her home in vacations the next year but her little brother declined to recognize her or let her sit on mamma's lap....This incident broke my tiny darling's heart...She started to shun the idea of going home n gradually her interest in studies all other activities, an innate champion she always was, also begin to diminish...She started building a web around her which isolated her from the rest of the world...She felt her mom only loved her little brother n she is not her dad's princess anymore... This was too much for a 6 year old....my little Anna was tormented,tormented beyond compare.... n she found herself lonely, v v lonely in a huge crowd...

Her dad was the first one to sense her agony, n he was shattered to see his daughter in so much pain..He immediately sent a Request letter to his Head Office seeking a Transfer to a City which had sound Education for his children, no matter how far off it was.In few months, he was transferred, to a city far down South...It took 4 days by train to reach there from Anna's maternal Grandfather's Place...Everyone felt it was too far off, but not my little darling, she was on Cloud 9... Her lost Zeal came back and she became the same vibrant girl she always was...She was so so elated to be reunited with her parents that she had tears of happiness rolling all over her face n a beautiful smile in her lips..

My Angel soon soared to the top not only academically but also in many Co-curricular activities...She was v sincere, v dedicated n always stood out of the rest..Her Focus towards her goals was impeccable and by now she has learnt to take many difficult situations in her stride..Her dad was transferred frequently ( probably because he always said no to bribes) and this made her v v adaptable n also multilingual...Life was almost a bed of Roses...

She was now in Standard tenth and was the apple of eyes of all her teachers who unanimously thought she was set to break all academic records in the Board exams...She worked hard n really hard..Her dad by now have been promoted to Senior Manager and has been allotted a 4 room mansion but she preferred to study in the Storeroom because it had pin-drop silence..Her concentration was beyond comparison always...Once it so happened that the mattress on which she was sitting began to burn due to the falling of burning incense sticks on it, right below her, but she didn't realize the same...only to be shaken up by her mom ....this amazing girl has gone crazy seeking her aim to get admission in the best school in the national capital, based on her merit...

But again, this was not what was Destined to be...All excited she went to get her board results..her exams undoubtedly went v well...Taking her mark-sheet in her hands, she fainted............Alas! She had secured only 46 marks in her Social Science exam, n thus secured only 86% marks overall in her boards...Her soul was traumatized, she felt it was all over n here fate was sealed..She locked herself in her room n wept n wept...her dad was heart-broken too.....but than, they decided to fight it out..they applied for scrutiny n filed a case in the High Court...It took a whooping 6 long months but the reevaluation brought forth the fact that it was a typing error on her mark-sheet n she has secured 96 marks in Social Science in reality...Her overall percentage now soar to 96% and now no school could deny her admission, which she truly deserved...She has now become the second topper of the state in CBSE Exams n took great pride in herself .....Her happiness was short lived though as it was mid-session by than and she could not join her dream school...But eventually she did manage to enter one of best Schools in India at Pilani on Scholarship, due to her Academic Excellence and was to go to her first hostel ever.

My Tiny darling has now grown up to a beautiful 15 years old young girl, ready to fly on her own..She bid adieu to her parents n her sweet little brother, to venture into her world of dreams...This institute opened her up to a new Universe..It had everything from Dance, Drama, Speech, Band and Academics,with the priorities being exactly in that order...My lovely sweetheart, shaped her overall personality here..She took her time to gel with with the kids out there mostly very rich n elite, but soon carved out her niche in their hearts...and was loved by everyone out their alike.

During this period, her relationship with her small brother strengthened too,and  they constantly wrote their hearts out to each other in letters, n longed to spend time with each other during vacations...She also now felt so much closer to her parents, as she began to understand their extreme sacrifices for her..All this kept her FIRE alive to become SOMETHING N SOMEONE IN LIFE N NOT DIE UNNOTICED...Her Goals were so clear to her always n she always worked most diligently to achieve them...She soon came out with flying colours in her 12th exams as well... being the first topper of her school..she automatically became eligible for higher studies in Pilani which she denied..n rather chose to appear in different competitive examinations...By this time her dad was once again transferred to a small town in a Northern state.

Her Hardwork paid off n this wonderful gal came out with flying colours with a All India rank of 328 in the Engineering Entrance Exam....She was mesmerised n basked in her glory... She now waited for the counselling for allotment of the colleges to happen...But Somehow Destiny always chooses to play hide n seek with her...She had to face the bare truth when her cousin, who has appeared for the same exam, called up to inquire why did not come for Counselling..She has missed the newspaper where it was announced...Heaven fell on her...She traveled overnite to reach the counselling Venue only to figure out that the waiting list seats were getting filled now..............

All in tears she looked up n said, " OH LORD! WHY ALWAYS ME " ...I have never ever seen her buried so much under despair...But she yearned to fight out and not abandon herself to her fate...Ironically this time,her dad had a different thought process altogether..He felt that his little girl's missing the Counselling was an indication of the fact that God has destined something even better for her..And so he wanted her to drop a year and prepare for Administrative Services..ANNA thought otherwise... why should all her hard-work, always go in vain....Why is she always denied the success she has always deserved....these questions kept pricking her conscience as she ran from pillar and post in the counselling hall seeking advice from the different Engineering Colleges Representative Professors seated there in...But they were all tight-lipped as seats in most of the colleges have been allotted by than...n so they could not help her much......It was always 2 a.m. in the night by then n everyone was splitting ...

Suddenly than a Professor walked up to her in the huge counselling room..He has exercised his special veto power to grant her admission in his esteemed institute which was ranked 3 pan India, on account of her merit...he was indeed no less than an Angel for her...The branch she was force to choose was automobile engineering n she became the first ever girl to be enrolled in a mechanical subject in her college...My tiny Darling was happy though with a Streak of Pain in her Heart...

No matter what adverse circumstances arise, this lovely girl, has never learnt to look back in life...She was soon in the serine environment of her great educational institution, v near to Nainital and enjoyed the nature's touch immensely...This is when her love for writing flourished the most..In her late teens, she loved to express herself..Her writings were often a part of College Magazines and Boards and she was always very elated with all the acclaim she got for it ...

Her excellence in academics continued as she keep setting new targets for herself, year after year, stretching herself beyond her own capacities..She was self-motivated..but yes, she feared Destiny a lot , the fear to loose whatever she achieves in life, has sank deep in her forever..There was a change though, now she has decided to face the Destiny HEAD-ON and defeat her by her hard-work n dedication.

Time Flew,she was now in the Final Year of her Engineering ...This one was a v important day when the First Company Tata Motors has arrived in her college for Campus Placements...But my tiny damsel was feeling low as she has been informed that a core technical company would safely not recruit a female candidate...You know her by now dear readers, do you think this would stop her..She dressed herself up smartly and reached the Pre-Placement Talk venue...She listened to the team who arrived most ardently and chose to raise her voice when the forum was left open to raise queries...With due respect,she asked them to clarify if a female automobile engineer is as eligible to bag the posts as a male one..The jury than informed to her that their answer certainly is yes and this whole incident made their eyes fall on my most deserving ANNA.

After Qualifying the written and the Group Discussion rounds, she has a rigorous two hours of interview  with the panel from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m.......Contented with her first attempt, but sure that Destiny will choose to ditch her and God may test her once again....She gradually skid into her world of dreams, fast asleep....

.....To be woken up by the loud CONGRATULATORY Shouts of her Hostel inmates...YES, Her DREAM has come true, She has become the first Automobile Engineer to be campus-placed from her college that year that too with a whooping huge Annual Package....She was undoubtedly surprised for My darling ANNA has ditched her Destiny for the First Time n has eventually turned out victorious over her ill-fate...She pinched herself, looked up to thank Almighty for ending her Tests and ran to call up her Admirable parents.....She was truly Destiny's Chosen Child...
My damsel was so so happy, she was in Seventh heaven..
Her Dad's eyes were filled with tears, words failed him to express his gratitude to the Almighty....His love for his Daughter knew no bounds..he traveled overnight to meet her daughter and lifted her up in his still strong arms...
And her little brother was so ecstatic to hear about her sister, that he spent all his pocket money to distribute sweets among his friends...

So, All's well that ends well...My Little ANNA eventually materialized all her dreams...Her Focus, Hardwork n dedication to sail thru' the toughest times, became her stepping stones to success...She was happy, v happy and sailed ahead ,successfully thru' her life keeping her basic principles always in place, thus making Destiny her slave by her strong tools of Sincere Hard-work and Determination...She is undoubtedly "DESTINY'S CHOSEN CHILD" <3

I trust Folks, you loved my Anna's Journey.....Do write to me how you felt...

Those who wish to know why I didnt speak about Anna's MOM, that's because no words can describe her extreme sacrifice and love for my darling ... But I will soon do pen a Special Tribute for Anna's MOM <3 <3

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